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“Thank you all for taking such good care of Mum, she very much enjoyed going to Sudbury Neighbourhood Centre and I look forward to seeing you all again.” –  J. Greenaway 

“As a local resident and former chair of Sudbury Town Residents’ Association, (STRA), I know and appreciate that Sudbury Neighbourhood Centre (SNC) is a very valuable asset to our community. The centre provides an essential day care service for many of our elderly residents; equally importantly, it supports family members who might otherwise struggle to cope with the challenging caring demands of their loved ones.”  – J. Carroll 

“I’m not sure if you’ve visited the centre but it is a such a vital place for so many members of the community to go to, it has a range of activities for all the attendees and is well run by a brilliant team of very caring people. There is a large garden and the building itself is large and airy with plenty of space. The standards of hygiene in the centre are excellent and anytime I’ve visited it’s been spotlessly clean.”  – G. Howes 

“Since my mother passed, the companionship and activities of the centre have been a central part of my dad’s life. Without this I have concerns about his mental well-being and future ability to live independently as he does today. ” – M. Makwana 

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“Excellent quality of care, take a personal interest in the individual and friendly and helpful staff.”  – Quote, Survey of Carers, Sudbury Neighbourhood Centre

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“We are very grateful for the support you have given us in the last 2 years. The only day I have for myself is when my wife is at the Centre, as I’m sure she is safe.”  – H. Vassell 

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“Sudbury Neighbourhood Centre makes an enormous contribution to the health, happiness and general wellbeing of its clients. It provides a hot, nourishing home-cooked meal, mental stimulation and a listening ear for those worried or have problems. The staff are able to keep a general eye on the health and condition of their clients and it provides many of its clients with a reason to get up in the morning.” H. Bathurst August 2020 “They ring me at home to tell me what is going on” “Oh yes, they’re very nice. That is one thing that is good, the same people, they always know you when you walk in.”  – Service Users, Sudbury Neighbourhood Centre

“Mum developed Alzheimer’s late last year and the Centre was a god send for us and vitally important for the wellbeing of my family as well for mum herself because it provided much needed respite care for my family in a safe, loving, caring, clean and hygienic environment. For mum, it provided a stimulating experience through the various well thought out activities in a family setting. Mum very much enjoyed the lovely, cooked lunches on the days she visited. The Centre provides a vital service for the elderly population.” –  R. Patel 

“Staff are very caring and very attentive” “Excellent again, feel as if I am at home, extremely helpful, seen them help others eat”  – Service Users, Sudbury Neighbourhood Centre

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“Without the Centre mum would have to go in a home and she would not survive very long in a home, she likes being social.” – Carers Focus Group, Sudbury Neighbourhood Centre

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“Staff are wonderful, they ring me up if they see something different – they’re loving people!” – Carers Focus Group, Sudbury Neighbourhood Centre

“My husband likes coming to the Centre, he perks up when we say the taxi is coming to pick him up and that is priceless.”  – Carers Focus Group, Sudbury Neighbourhood Centre

“I have been coming to the Centre for many years …. meet people …. irrespective of religion, and always welcome. I hope it continues to serve the community.” –  P. Smith

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