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news from the friends march22

Since the last newsletter I am pleased to report that we had a successful Christmas Sale and would like to thank all who came to make the occasion a happy social one as well as contributing to our fundraising. We enjoyed seeing Father Christmas and thank him for finding time in a busy schedule to give pleasure to our youngest visitors!

We took a break from sales in January resuming in February and March, hoping to continue now each month throughout the year. We have been fortunate to receive many donations and are still happy to take items in good condition so that we may be part of the growing trend to recycle as many of our possessions as possible.  We currently move unsold goods on to other charities or in the case of clothing to a company which reimburses us and can distribute further afield. We avoid the bins and landfill wherever possible!

The Community Fund Raising continues, we suffered a slight setback when our collection at Asda coincided with the gales which hit the country on 18th February and it was deemed prudent to stay home! The local shopkeepers are still returning our tins and the sum total of small change is bringing in a welcome regular amount.

Most of the volunteering at the Centre at the moment is via the Friends and as well as fundraising, we help to look after the garden……do get in touch if you would like to join us.

Pat Fenwick

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