Staff are on hand throughout the day to ensure clients enjoy the day, and help with any issues that may arise.
ARRIVAL: 10.30am

Once in the Centre clients settle into the Lounge, have a cup of tea, coffee, etc. and share their news with the staff and their friends.  This may well be their only outing in the week, so they may have lots to talk about.

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A whole range of personal day care services are offered to clients.  We have special bathing facilities for clients who are unable to use a normal bath with safety, with a care assistant on hand to help them.  We offer regular hairdressing and chiropody services, and we have a Wellbeing Clinic.

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We also make a special effort to stimulate our clients throughout the day (morning and afternoon) with a choice of activities which may include:

  • Art Classes
  • Baking Club
  • Computer Classes *
  • Keep Fit
  • Knitting
  • Music Therapy
  • Tai Chi.

LUNCH: 12.15pm

The day care clients are joined by a wider group of people for the Luncheon Club.

Lunch is prepared in our kitchen by our cooks, and a choice of nutritious meat, fish and vegetarian dishes is on offer to suit all tastes, which is followed by tea and coffee. There is also plenty of time left over to relax amongst friends.

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This may be the only hot meal our clients will have during the day.

Regular afternoon activities as described above.

Bingo, Chess, Draughts, Indoor Bowls, Quizzes, Reminiscent Games, Scrabble, etc. are available if clients fancy a game.

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We also have a library of large print and talking (cassette) books, plus a selection of jigsaws, which clients are welcome to borrow at any time.

PICK UP: 3.30pm

Transport can be arranged using our minibuses, but this will depend on availability, distance and other factors.  Contact us for further details.

Your local Council and Dial-a-Ride are alternative travel providers.


* Not included in the day-care fee (a small additional fee will be charged)